Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is this part of our MOM-JOB???

Ok. So I'm a mom who can't stand taking my kids to the park.
1. Is it just me or am I the only one worried about 500 million germs all over each toy, not to mention they are scorching hot in the summer, while you sweat your butt off enjoying watching your kids play(I mean listen to them say "mommy help me swing, climb, slide,do it with me mom)
2. Am I the only mom being stared at? Am I the only one with a pervert radar? That's always seeing them? Do they want a signed pic of me? Wow, I'm glad I'm not a celeb.
3. Why do dogs love to run up to strangers and smell choch's?!?!
4. It's not fun, in the least bit, I'm bored, thinking of all of the crap I have/need to do!
and the final, and MOST annoying reason I hate going to parks.....
5. Other Mothers that I don't know, who I have to pretend to have a convo with. Smiling at their odd jokes, and talking about the weather. I can't stand being fake. I'm a nice friendly person, however I don't want to pretend to have something in common with every stranger mother at the parks. Just because we both have kids, DOES NOT mean we have a million things in common. I know that some moms love this aspect that I hate because it's social time I guess....
But for me it's work, it's me trying to think of something to say to this mother who just told me that she's teaching her child a 3rd language, looking at the latest and greatest pre-school, or telling me what she has planned for dinner. I'm thinking, woman I'm just trying to get through today!

So I'm sorry if I'm the only mom who hates going to parks with her kids. I love social time away from my kids BELIEVE ME! But can it be with someone who's not going to talk to me about how they named a star after their child?!?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chocolate chip oatemeal...ok any kind of cookies.....

Am I the only weird SAHM(stay at home mom, for those of you who didn't know what that meant:) who loves, thinks about, and wants to make cookies all the time?
What is with this? I make them at least once a week. As if I don't have enough carpooling, yelling, refereeing, lunch packing, dinner making, laundry queen, maid at your service things going on!

It's comfort food, I know, and I love to "love" my kids with treats. Not a good thing.
But it's a fact. You can't give up everything you love to eat right?
Not in my book, and that's the only one that matters!
I'm off to go make some cookies....I mean clean the kitchen:)